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By: Andrew Pateras

An Adventure in Food

Tags: food, fitness, healthy living

A few years ago I really got into fitness. I loved everything about it and have even competed on a national stage. This requires countless hours at the gym and dedication to your intake of healthy food. Being a wedding photographer really tests your willpower on the "intake of healthy food".  I work at some of the most exclusive and opulent venues in the Toronto Area. I get to exper...Read More

By: Andrew Pateras

Tugged at my Heart Strings

Tags: Travel, Photography, Africa

Disclaimer: This has nothing to do with photography or Travel. This was just a great experience.  For the most part, the people of Africa have been very friendly and warm. There were a few moments in touristy areas that have been a little bit of a battle. How many times must I tell this man that I do not want to buy a Tanzanian rugby team jersey?  As I checked into base camp for my big c...Read More

By: Andrew Pateras

Work Smarter… Dance Harder!

Tags: photography, general, travel

I consider myself VERY lucky. I have made my greatest passion into my career and I have the ability to take on only the jobs that I enjoy. On top of that, I get to travel the world for months at a time, photographing exotic tropical locations, culturally diverse people and landscapes that look like they are created in the studios of Pixar. OK, that is the sexy part of my job. The truth is that the...Read More

By: Andrew Pateras

The Games of the Ages

Tags: andrew pateras,ravel,blog,photography,greece

Today I visited a place that I have always wanted to see. Olympia, Greece, the birthplace of the Olympic Games. ...Read More

By: Andrew Pateras

The Soundtrack of Your Life

Tags: Travel, soundtrack, Photography

  Have you ever thought of what your life''s soundtrack would be? I actually came up with this cool idea on my flight back from Europe this summer and realized that most of my soundtrack has to do with places I have been. Specific songs remind me of places and things I have experienced in my years on our little blue planet. Some of them have been pivotal and important moments in my l...Read More

By: Andrew Pateras

Anxious? Excited? Nervous? All of the Above…

Tags: journey, photography, Africa,

It is after 2 am Toronto time. It is the second night that I need to be up very early in the morning and I cannot sit still, let alone fall asleep! The excitement that usually hits me on the way to the Airport has hit me like a truck… More than a week early! I can’t quite call it excitement, because it is more than that. I have traveled to some very exotic destinations, anticipat...Read More

By: Andrew Pateras

Practice makes a Perfect Climber

Tags: Africa, Travel

My Kilimanjaro summit is still over a month away, but I have been feeling lazy the last few weeks. As most of you know, I am a little bit of a gym junkie. Being away from the iron for this long is a little out of the ordinary for me. Today I had the privilege of climbing the Waterberg Plateau in Namibia. It was great exercise and the view was well worth the climb up. We are only 200 kilometres fro...Read More

By: Andrew Pateras

Sand is not just for the Beach…

Tags: Travel, photography, Africa

A 4:30 AM wake up call usually comes with a very important purpose. This morning it definitely did. The Namibian desert is home to the world’s tallest sand dunes. 800 kilometres of rust red sand, towering more than 300 metres. Our wake up call was to watch the sunrise over dune 45. I could not take a bad shot. Every time I looked down at the preview after a shot, I thought I was looking at a...Read More

By: Andrew Pateras

Grand Canyon: Part Deux

Tags: Travel, Photography, Africa

I boarded the expedition vehicle in Cape Town and just by looking at this marvel of machinery, I could already tell I was in for a fantastic voyage. The first stop was a tiny camp on the Orange River. An early morning rise and it is off on a canoe trip looking for water birds and fish eagles. This would be the last oasis we see for several days… Crossing into Namibia, we began our long jour...Read More

By: Andrew Pateras

Everyone Can Use a Little Hope

Tags: journey, photography, Africa, travel

When my Emirates 777 touched down in Cape Town yesterday, I reached a personal milestone. I have now stood on all 6 continents. I am finally here… Africa! The weather is beautiful, the scenery majestic and the people are so vibrant. This morning I had the pleasure to look out from the Cape of Good Hope into the great Southern Atlantic. Freddie was our local guide and he refreshed my memory ...Read More