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By: Andrew Pateras

Surf City, Here We Come!

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Without a doubt, this has been my busiest wedding season to date. I had a few weeks free in August so I decided to get away and relax while doing some more portfolio work.  Destination… California! My first stop was Los Angeles, where as luck would have it, the US Open of Surfing was being held during my stay. I got some fabulous shots of the surfing competition as well as the skateboa...Read More

By: Andrew Pateras

Buon Giorno!

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As I landed in Venice yesterday, I could see Saint Marks square from my window on the plane. I am in Italy, shooting my second destination wedding of the season. ...Read More

By: Andrew Pateras

Cobblestone Streets and a Medieval Fort City

Tags: andrew pateras,blog,travel,weddings,photography

Imagine that as a backdrop for your formal wedding photos. It was a dream come to life for the couple just a few days ago. With 24 people in the bridal party I knew it would be a huge challenge, but my ambition and images of the shots I could get with 24 people in the streets of Dubrovnik, Croatia did not let me take no for an answer. ...Read More

By: Andrew Pateras

Making Work Easier

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I consider myself VERY lucky. I have made my greatest passion into my career and I have the ability to take on only the jobs that I enjoy. On top of that, I get to travel the world for months at a time, photographing exotic tropical locations, culturally diverse people and landscapes that look like they are created in the studios of Pixar.  OK, that is the sexy part of my job. The truth is th...Read More

By: Andrew Pateras

Hurricane Earl has Nothing on Me!

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I had two weddings scheduled this past Labour Day weekend, both of which were planned mostly as an outdoor day. Both of them were also at the Old Mill Inn and Spa near Bloor and Royal York, but there was once more piece to the puzzle... We had the leftovers of two hurricanes coming through this area on the two days I was shooting! It''s no secret that I have a 0% precipitation record when ...Read More

By: Andrew Pateras

It all started as an Ordinary Day...

Tags: andrew pateras, blog, life,world

First of all, let me give you the circumstances that I am writing this blog post in. It is after 2AM, I am absolutely exhausted and still wearing a suit. I just walked in the door and had to start writing this post RIGHT AWAY. This is how important it was that I write what is on my mind right now... This post has nothing to do with photography, it is all about what a beautiful world we live in and...Read More

By: Andrew Pateras

Weddings Down Under

Tags: Australia, weddings, photography

Let this be the official announcement that Andrew Pateras Photography is going International. Not really news you say? Well then how about this... I am now taking bookings for Australia (Melbourne and Sydney) for the 2011/2012 Australian summer wedding season. I am planning on spending the whole season (from November 2011 to March 2012) in Australia specifically for shooting weddings Down Under. T...Read More

By: Andrew Pateras

"It does not Rain on Pateras!"

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After three years of shooting weddings and engagements for Boston Avenue, I hold a very distinct record among all the photographers at the studio. It has never rained on me a single time during formal photography.  I just thought it was an amazing coincidence until this past Friday. For those of you who live in Toronto, Friday was a very typical Toronto rain day. The humidity was building up ...Read More

By: Andrew Pateras

Almost Home...

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As I sit by the pool sipping on my reverse osmosis purified water, I can’t help but to reflect on the last 2 months. They have gone by in a flash.  I have visited seven world heritage sites, added eight new countries to my list, swam with great white sharks, jumped with the Maasi warriors, watched lions and leopards sun themselves in the Serengeti, had two brushes with death and was eva...Read More

By: Andrew Pateras

Bad Boys, Bad Boys... Whatcha Gonna Do...

Tags: weddings, photography, love

This past weekend was a great experience, even for the most seasoned veteran wedding photos.  The day started like any other beautiful summer wedding at the brides house. The addition of a vintage Chevy Camaro definitely added some fresh flavour to the images.  The icing on the cake (pardon the pun) was when we arrived to shoot the grooms prep. Soon after the groomsmen all introduced the...Read More