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Work Smarter... Dance Harder!

By: Andrew Pateras

Work Smarter... Dance Harder!

Tags: Photography, Digitally Imported

I consider myself VERY lucky. I have made my greatest passion into my career and I have the ability to take on only the jobs that I enjoy. On top of that, I get to travel the world for months at a time, photographing exotic tropical locations, culturally diverse people and landscapes that look like they are created in the studios of Pixar. OK, that is the sexy part of my job. The truth is that there are many hours in my studio, looking at thousands upon thousands of images. This part of my day can get quite old, quite fast! An average day of shooting can yield anywhere from 500 to 5,000 images. Recently, I had a commercial shoot for Dea Swimwear''s 2011 collection. Don''t get me wrong, working with 5 bikini models for a day definitely makes my job a little easier for the actual shoot. When it''s time to hit the editing suite and you realize that you have 1,500 images of 30 swimsuits and you have to choose the best images to send to the client is when the actual "work" starts. Recently I have discovered an App for my iPhone. It is called Digitally Imported ( and it streams electronic music from all around the world. There are over 35 channels separated by genre to choose from. This recent discovery has made my life in the editing suite much more bearable! Along with my Harman/Kardon Go and Play iPod Boombox, my studio is bumping with energetic music and I can keep editing for hours at a time. This blog post was a special thank you to Digitally Imported for making my life in the studio a lot easier. Your vocal trance station is getting a lot of bandwidth from my studio. A side note, if you have a Ford Vehicle with Microsoft Sync technology, you can stream Digitally Imported wirelessly to your car stereo using the 3G network! I recently discovered this feature on the way to a shoot out of town. I forgot to mention, the greatest news of all. The App is Free in the iTunes Store! Check it out... Digitally Imported App in the iTunes Store