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Who is your Hero?

By: Andrew Pateras

Who is your Hero?

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Everyone has a hero, someone they call their inspiration. Mine has always been and always will be my father. I see so much of him in absolutely everything I do. From the way I talk, to the way I negotiate, even the way I laugh!
While watching the BBC Television show “Top Gear”, I recently learned about a man named “Ayrton Senna”, a Formula One driver in the late 80’s and Early 90’s. In the little I learned about him on the segment, I was interested to learn more, so I watched the documentary called “Senna”. It instantly became the best documentary I have ever seen.
First of all, I know very little about Formula One racing or any type of race car driving for that matter, but I do know about striving for success. Ayrton had to compete with harsh politics, favouritism, injustice and unfair competition. These are things we can all relate to in our everyday lives.
I have personally never related with anyone in the public eye so much on so many levels. This is a man who started as a simple go cart race driver, making no money, and by his own discipline, hard work and constant self improvement, became three time world champion and one of the greatest drivers in the history of race car driving. His work ethic, commitment to his profession and his goal of always learning and improving really struck me. I am a person who has always made a point of doing something all the way or not at all.
The thing that I could relate to the most is his inability to sit idly or quietly through injustice or abuse. He was very outspoken whenever something bothered him. Even in his home country of Brazil, which was plagued with corruption, poverty and violence, he used his own funds to try to help as many people as he could. While other Brazilian drivers at the time tried to hide their heritage, he proudly waved the flag of his country every time he won a race. He kept it tucked in his car at all times so that he could run his victory lap with the Brazilian flag in the air.
Until this day, I thought that my father was the only person that I could look up to. I have never really admired a public figure until I learned about Mr. Senna. His entire life story is quite amazing and also quite tragic.
If you are ever looking or a little motivation or a little inspiration, watch this documentary. This is a man that proves that you can do anything if you put your mind to it.