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By: Andrew Pateras

Welcome Back!

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It has been almost two years since my last entry in my blog, so I must apologize up front. From the magic of Google analytics, I know that I have thousands of readers in over 40 countries. This is largely thanks to my TV news appearances, articles published and all of the other publicity when I was trapped in Japan during the big earthquake of 2011.
In the last two years I got engaged, I married the love of my life and I have undergone a major shift in my career. A lot has changed!
You know me as that crazy world traveling photographer who jumps out of planes, swims with sharks and plays with tigers. Some of you know me as a Toronto Realtor as well. About 18 months ago, I switched from a small boutique brokerage to RE/MAX, the Real Estate giant. Almost overnight, I went from a professional photographer who does a few real estate deals a year to a very busy Realtor who is now just a hobbyist photographer with some excellent gear! You can imagine what my property photos look like!
You will never have to worry about seeing some of my amazing imagery from around the world, this will always be the space where you can get inspiration for your next trip or just a daily escape while in your cubicle. This year, I surpassed 100,000 followers on Instagram, so if you don’t follow me yet, my handle is @andrewpateras.
If you have the travel bug like I do, you completely understand that the passion to travel never fades, it only get stronger. I just booked a trip to my 49th country, Curacao!
I have vowed to keep in touch with my readers more often and to add a variety of topics to a more regular schedule!

Stay tuned to this spot, there is more to come!