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Rice-a-Roni? Didn’t See Any!

By: Andrew Pateras

Rice-a-Roni? Didn’t See Any!

Tags: General, Travel, photography

Ahhh, San Francisco… I love this city. Its such a gorgeous place to photograph and it has something for everyone. It is a place with great food, beautiful scenery and very vibrant people. You could spend a week just photographing the buildings alone, and then there is the bay, the Golden Gate Bridge and the 49 mile scenic drive. I only had a day here, so I had to make the best use of my time.
I tried to make my evening an early one as I had an very early sunrise start planned for the morning. As I was meeting some friends for dinner at Fishermans Wharf, this was an ambitious plan. My evening went late as we ate at Joe’s Crabshack. The fantastic meal was worth the later start in the morning. As I have never eaten at Joe’s before, it was a treat to say the least. They are all over the United States, so if you ever come across one, I highly recommend the Seafood Bucket with Ragin’ Cajun flavour!

My 5am wake up turned into a 8am and I was planning on making the best of it. I started with a walk over to Union Square to photograph some people subty with my long lens. In this respect, San Fran never disappoints. I then walked through Chinatown and back over to little Italy before catching the cable car back to Union Square. If I had more time, I would have spent some more time in the more sketchy areas of town as there are some great old buildings and a lot more interesting people to photograph.

I then started the 49 mile scenic drive in my Ragtop Mustang and it led me through the most beautiful areas of the city and finished off at Golden Gate Park where I had a chance to photograph an international icon, the Golden Gate Bridge.  I must have spent an hour alone at this point, just getting different angles and using different lenses to get the shot I wanted. I was very happy with the results!

Now it was time to head to my overnight stop in Watsonville, so I thought the fun was over. I was about to find out the fun was only about to begin…