P.C.H. Day 2 – The California Grand Prix Banner


P.C.H. Day 2 – The California Grand Prix

By: Andrew Pateras

P.C.H. Day 2 – The California Grand Prix

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After the day I just had driving the coast with 9 exotic cars, I guess you could say I am a little shell shocked. The speed limits posted on the PCH are just not cutting it for me. I have driven sports cars all of my life, so I like to push my car to its limits. What better place to do it than the roads south of Monterrey?  There were hundreds of spots to stop and take majestic landscape shots. I took advantage of a lot of them using my 16-35 mm and 15mm fisheye.  The images of the Lamborghinis flying through the corners on the previous day kept running through my mind as I opened up the Mustang and tested what “Built Ford Tough” actually means. I guided the agile little car through the corners, sometimes letting the back of the car cut out a little, just to make me smile. I kept thinking of the saying “drive it like a rental” and knew this did not explain what I was putting this poor car through. “Drive it like it’s Stolen” is a better representation of my driving style today!  My GPS had informed me that it would take me a little more than 12 hours of actual driving time to get to my cousins house in Chino, California. With the numerous stops for photos, food and rest, the entire drive took me less than 11 hours. This should give you a good representation of what that poor car went through that day.  I have to say, if you have not done this drive before, you should definitely put it on your list. It is a great combination of natural beauty and human ingenuity. To have built these roads and bridges along what looks like an impassable area is definitely a testament to the human mind and spirit.