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By: Andrew Pateras

Life in Mumbai

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Well it’s only the first day of this year’s expedition and I have already captured some amazing images! I arrived yesterday afternoon and after 24 hours of travel and then being caught for two hours in Mumbai traffic, the only thing on my mind was to sleep off my jetlag.
After recharging my batteries for 13 hours, I started my walk through the streets of Colaba, one of the many areas of Mumbai. As luck would have it, one of the first things I came across was a wedding! I made friends with the drummers and followed the bridal party through the streets of Colaba. The energy of the group was amazing!
What I remember most about my previous trip to India was that the locals loved to have their photo taken. This has not changed and I had many encounters with locals who waved and posed for the camera.
I found a driver to show me the city in more detail. Solomon was a very friendly and knowledgeable guide and took me to the less traveled spots in Mumbai. He took me a few of the more impoverished areas of Mumbai and I captured outdoor laundry facilities and local fishermen sorting their catch. Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus is a UNESCO World heritage site and the source of a hustle that can only be found in a city with 23 million people.
My day continued with a visit to some of the local temples and then onto Ghandi’s home that has now been turned into a museum of his life and accomplishments.
There is obviously much more to come so stay tuned, more of India is coming your way!