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Four Ways to Track Your World Travel

By: Andrew Pateras

Four Ways to Track Your World Travel

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A few years ago, I was telling someone about some of my travels and they said that my travel experience is like Johnny Cash’s song “I’ve been everywhere”. The problem (if you can call it a problem) is that once I started to track the places I have been, increasing that number became a little bit of an addiction. I even started an excel spreadsheet to track how many flight segments I have taken, how many kilometres flown and how much time I have spent in the air. Yes, I have a travel addiction and I am not afraid to admit it! You may just book a flight after starting one of these travel trackers.
1. Trip Advisor – Cities I have visited
This is how my mild addiction started! I found this app years ago and the first time I signed on, I had only traveled within North America and a few places in Europe. I still spent over an hour clicking on the cities I have visited. From then on, adding new pins to this map was like a narcotic. I remember when I was in Lebanon, I was franticly looking for a WiFi so I could add Beirut and Byblos to my map. This app is actually built right into Facebook and is easily installed. You can also share your map with friends and create reviews and ratings directly from the app. The map below is actually my travel progress. In a few weeks I will be adding my 49th country!

2. The Traditional Wall Map

This is the oldest and probably the most impressive way to display your travels. It is also a way to constantly remind yourself that there is a lot more out there to see! My favourite wall maps are obviously the huge wall mural displayed below from World Maps Online ( and the scratch off wall map from Scratch Map (


3. TravBuddy
For a quick and dirty version of the massive wall map, TravBuddy is a great website to see your country list in a visual form. (
4. Places Ive Traveled
Even if you have a professional camera like I do, you are most likely still taking photos with your camera for instant sharing on Facebook or Instagram. This little app will track where you have been based on the photos that you take. It will even track the distance you have traveled. Here is the link to the free download in iTunes:
Bonus: XE Currency
Even if you are just starting to create your travel map, I am going to tell you about the app that saved my sanity. In the past, I have traveled for more than six months at a time, sometimes moving between countries faster than I could change my underwear. When you are changing currencies that often, this is the app that I had open all the time. Changing from Baht to Ruppees to Kwatcha and Euros is easy with this little app.