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Castles in the Sky

By: Andrew Pateras

Castles in the Sky

Tags: California, Photography

The last time I drove the coast of California, I was rushed and I didn’t get to see it in the detail that I wanted. By the time I had reached Hearst Castle coming south down the PCH, it was closed. This time around I was not going to let this happen. This place definitely is a castle built in the sky! I knew this would be a total tourist trap, but I was determined to get some photos with no one in the frame. The tour started with a six mile bus ride up the hill to the castle and then a walk through the garden to the famous pool that you have all seen pictured in Oprah and various other TV shows. I did some very cool wide angle and fisheye work here and managed to get no one in the frame. I was then leg through many rooms, gardens, guest houses and all along the way was told the story of the castle and its builder, William Hearst. I will skip over the detailed descriptions and let my images do most of the talking. Also, you should really try to visit the castle at some point because it is a marvel of engineering and just amazing to look at.