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By: Andrew Pateras

My last day in India was a memorable one!

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  Actually, the last 36 hours I will never forget and this is for a few reasons. First of all, I must have eaten something that was tainted because I spent the first 24 hours in my hotel room. I cancelled my side trip to Nepal because I was so ill. After ingesting what seemed like an entire pharmacy, I forced myself out of my room to capture some of Delhi before my flight to Thailand.  ...Read More

By: Andrew Pateras

A taste of things to come...

Tags: Travel, Photography, Thailand

Well, I am back in the islands of the west coast of Thailand. I have not done much except get a massage and relax by the water, but I did get a few nice images that I wanted to share. The images below are from Ao Nang, a small coastal town close to Krabi. It is a gateway city to the islands. I start my island hopping with Ko Lanta and there will be a lot more images to come!  ...Read More

By: Andrew Pateras

Absolutely Spotless

Tags: Asia, Photography, Travel

  After a 7.5 hour flight to my first Asian destination, I have landed in Singapore. The first thing I noticed is how clean it is! As I was driven from the Airport to my hotel, I could not spot even a fallen leaf from the thousands of trees that lined the streets. I knew they were serious about keeping the city clean, but I never imagined this. Its my kind of place! After settling in at my ...Read More

By: Andrew Pateras

A 380 Year Old Symbol of Love and Beauty

Tags: Travel, India, Photography

The Taj Mahal is one of the most recognizable structures on earth and I have always wanted to visit it.  I knew it was an amazing place, but you can’t understand the beauty of it until you stand at the end of the reflecting pool and see it with your own eyes.  The Taj Mahal is actually a mausoleum built by Shah Jahan for his third wife. After her death, he became so grief stricken ...Read More

By: Andrew Pateras

Sydney 3 - Luna Park

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                                                                                    Heading to the North Shore                      ...Read More

By: Andrew Pateras

Sydney 2

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                                                                                            Point Piper and "The Gap"           &nbs...Read More

By: Andrew Pateras

Rajasthan & the Pink City

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                                                                                                      ...Read More

By: Andrew Pateras

Tune In!

Tags: expedition, Photo-Journalist

  Apparently I have created a buzz with my current photo expedition! I will be appearing via telephone from Melbourne, Australia for an interview on "All Things Greek" with Eleni Daniels tomorrow night on WNYE 91.5FM. I will be talking about my current expedition in order to give the people back home a taste of what is like to break away for the winter and escape the cold. No, you ...Read More

By: Andrew Pateras

The Singapore Sling

Tags: Travel, Singapore, Photography

I set my alarm for 6 am, but I have been in so many time zones over the last six weeks, an alarm seems pointless. Regardless, I woke up with a lot on my agenda today. I have a long list of things to see and do, courtesy of my friend Shalabh who knows Singapore well and told me exactly what to see. Thanks Shalabh!  My morning started with breakfast and a walk through Little India. After that, ...Read More

By: Andrew Pateras

The Sabbath in Fiji

Tags: Travel, Fiji, Photography

As the other travelers on the island found out that there were no excursions because the native Fijians observe the day of rest, you could see that they were upset. I however was happy because I planned to attend Sunday morning mass with the natives. The small village of 17 people was home to Waya Lailai’s only church. The island has about 150 natives and the church was a packed house. ...Read More