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By: Andrew Pateras

Welcome Back!

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  It has been almost two years since my last entry in my blog, so I must apologize up front. From the magic of Google analytics, I know that I have thousands of readers in over 40 countries. This is largely thanks to my TV news appearances, articles published and all of the other publicity when I was trapped in Japan during the big earthquake of 2011. In the last two years I got engaged, I...Read More

By: Andrew Pateras

Life in Mumbai

Tags: Andrew Pateras, Asia, Photography, Religion, Travel

  Well it’s only the first day of this year’s expedition and I have already captured some amazing images! I arrived yesterday afternoon and after 24 hours of travel and then being caught for two hours in Mumbai traffic, the only thing on my mind was to sleep off my jetlag.   After recharging my batteries for 13 hours, I started my walk through the streets of Colaba, one of ...Read More

By: Andrew Pateras

Tradition Meets the Beach!

Tags: Mexico, Tulum, Gran Bahia, Photography

I recently got back from week long journey that encapsulated East Indian tradition with a perfect backdrop on the Mayan Riviera. The location was the Five-Star Gran Bahia Principe Tulum. ...Read More

By: Andrew Pateras

The Reason I Love My Job

Tags: Andrew Pateras, Real Estate, Toronto,

In every job I have ever had, from my first job at the age of 15 in a butcher shop, to now selling Toronto Real Estate, I have always been in the business of helping people.   That was a little bit of a run-on sentence, but what I am trying to say is that in my entire professional life, I have always been customer focused.   For most of my life, I have been paid with a commission or re...Read More

By: Andrew Pateras

Four Ways to Track Your World Travel

Tags: Andrew Pateras. Travel, World

  A few years ago, I was telling someone about some of my travels and they said that my travel experience is like Johnny Cash’s song “I’ve been everywhere”. The problem (if you can call it a problem) is that once I started to track the places I have been, increasing that number became a little bit of an addiction. I even started an excel spreadsheet to track how many ...Read More

By: Andrew Pateras

Who is your Hero?

Tags: Andrew Pateras, Motivation, Real Estate,

  Everyone has a hero, someone they call their inspiration. Mine has always been and always will be my father. I see so much of him in absolutely everything I do. From the way I talk, to the way I negotiate, even the way I laugh!   While watching the BBC Television show “Top Gear”, I recently learned about a man named “Ayrton Senna”, a Formula One driver in the ...Read More

By: Andrew Pateras

The Gateway to the Orient

Tags: Andrew Pateras ,Asia, Food, Photography, Travel,

      It seems like every time I write a new article, I am starting with an apology for the length of time since my last one. Let’s change things up a bit this time and skip that! This summer has been the busiest season for me yet. Ever since I arrived home from Asia it has been a madhouse. I have so many amazing images and great stories to share from my month abroad, but...Read More

By: Andrew Pateras

Burning Devotion

Tags: Andrew Pateras, Asia, Photography, Religion, Travel,

  From the moment my plane touched down in Varanasi, I could tell I was going to capture some amazing images during my time here. The drive from the Airport to my hotel was just under an hour and I could not resist hanging out of the window and shooting hundreds of frames. Countless pilgrims make their way here from all around the globe as Varanasi has a huge significance in the Hindu religi...Read More

By: Andrew Pateras

The Untouchables

Tags: Andrew Pateras, Asia, Photography, Travel,

  Yesterday, Solomon got a good idea of what I was interested in photographing here in India and as you all know, it is neither the riches of Bollywood nor the inside of shopping malls. He suggested a few different places to photograph a lot of the “Untouchables”; the lowest caste in India, holding little or no education and doing the most simple of jobs to survive.   Our...Read More

By: Andrew Pateras

Rain Rain, Go Away!

Tags: Andrew Pateras, Photography, Weddings,

  For those of you who follow me on Twitter, you may have noticed the odd Tweet about my “No-Rain Streak”. In my five years as a wedding photographer, it has never rained on me. Ever. Even the other photographers I work with at Boston Avenue cannot believe my luck and are still skeptical every time they see rain in the forecast when I am working a wedding. On the morning ...Read More